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I believe every parent loves their child. There may be times when it does not feel like it because of all the things screaming for our attention.


As parents and truthfully with everything, to be successful some form of guidance is needed. 

In my role as an educator, I always take time to talk with parents recognising the important role they play in the lives of children.


As much as I enjoy having conversations with parents, I realise that at my job it is impossible to attend to the questions and concerns that parents have and even when people contact me privately, after attending to their issues I know that it will benefit some other parents; as the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child. 

The parent support series is created with this is mind -to address the concerns of a group of parents.


An opportunity for parents to ask questions and get answers and solutions that will benefit many other families.


My goal is building stronger families that will impact the world positively (the more the merrier)! 

The first parent support series attended to the questions of many parents providing answers and solution to real questions and numerous concerns and it was in partnership with young readers Library.

Feel free to contact me if you have a group of parents/families or if you are an organisation that will benefit from this type of event.


Family involvement has been linked to a childs success in a variety of areas and as such the role  of parents/families cannot be overlooked in a childs development.


Often times parents/families are ill equipped to help child in the capacity that they desire and this has led me to create ideas and initiatives to help struggling families.

My books are written from an understanding of parental struggles and the stories are told in a way to help parents and children find a common ground-since children do not come with a manual!

The parents support series serves as a way to interact with parents, provide tips and useful information that helps them in their parenting journey.