A virtual solution

I am bored!!! Ever heard this comment from a child?

No need to feel sad or uncomfortable because you are not alone.

Although this type of statement can instantly make us feel like our children are fishing for something out of the ordinary,sometimes all it takes is for us to point them in the direction of something that they may be missing; that’s our job after all!

Go ride a bike, draw, paint, ride your toy car, play with sand,go to the park…the list is endless.

Think of something your child likes to do. Having a mental list ready will help or even writing it down because if we forget these things then children honestly don’t remember too!

But, what happens when you child comes to you with a specific request ″we have not travelled in a while and I am bored" before you say we cannot travel because of the pandemic,think about how many times you have used that line.

Some family traditions have been halted because of the pandemic and children that are used to family traditions of taking trips during summer are experiencing a sudden change.

How do you deal with this type of boredom? Think about yourself, as an adult how do feel if you are not able to do the things that were usual and you looked forward to with eagerness. I remember the times when I could not spend special occasions with family or a sudden change in a plan I was looking forward to and how I instantly felt bored or unable to fill my time with another activity.

If you have ever been bored then you will understand how hard it must be for a child when they cannot find something interesting to engage in.

Recently on a trip, as we viewed the mountains around us I heard my husband say “there are some places on earth where human beings will never visit" and quite frankly there are some places that you may not be able to take your children to plus I agree that the pandemic has not helped much so here is your virtual solution.

While you cannot visit a physical destination right now, try visiting places of interest online,how about a virtual museum tour! Something different,afterall being stuck at home is different and who knows you may find a place that you have never considered and maybe take a trip there sometime.

P.s - if your child is going to navigate these sites by themselves or if they have access to the internet, I recommend visiting this link- https://www.onyinyeodih.com/post/staying-safe-online as it will serve as useful information to help your child with online safety.

Click on the links below for a virtual tour

https://www.metmuseum.org/art/online-features/metkids/time-machine - the metropolitan museum of arts, New York

https://www.bostonchildrensmuseum.org/museum-virtual-tour - boston childrens museum

https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/hubble-360-degree-virtual-tour -Nasa

https://britishmuseum.withgoogle.com/ - the british museum London

Perhaps your child is not into virtual tours and prefers getting creative click on the links below and I am certain boredom will be gone for a good amount of time.




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