Safe and fun way to make wax paper with a child

As a child, I remember my transparent and opaque (‟oparent″ in a child’s language) lesson.

At the time we did not have parchment paper or wax paper and we had been taxed with making paper transparent.

Thankfully, my dad knew a trick and I patiently waited to see the magic of being able to look through paper.

Although we have wax and parchment paper readily available in stores, I am sure many children will enjoy this process of transforming paper from opaque to transparent- much like my younger self!

While there are several other ways to make wax paper, this method is safe, fun and messy ( a word that parents loathe and children love); well not downright messy but what I call organised mess.

Children love messy things it good for their senses and if you are being truthful as an adult you too enjoy some messiness. Getting involved in the process can make it organised and not dreadfully messy.

To get started, you will need 2 things:

-some petroleum jelly

-paper (coffee filter works great)

Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly on your palms and rub evenly on any paper of your choice. The thinner the paper the quicker the process.

Watch the attached video for the full tutorial.

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