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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Life gets busy…life changes and when this happens human beings adapt.

We adapt to eating a new kind of meal,we adapt to waking up early, we adapt to staying at home,we adapt to using the internet, we adapt to letting our children use technology and the internet.

Changing and adapting is never a problem but just because we can, does not mean we should without a plan.

If you start eating a new meal and it tastes so good- without a plan you will eat it every day and it will either loose its appeal or cause some other problems.

With the introduction to technology and the ongoing debate about what children should be doing or not doing online, the real problem in my opinion is giving children acess to technology without a guide.

At a minimum, try the following to get started on online safety for children:

  • provide useful age appropriate information preferably before they start using the internet .

  • check in and remind them about the information that they have received because times change and there is always need to keep pointing children in the right direction.

  • help them to see how it benefits them by sharing real life experiences; a story about a time when you, a friend or familiy member had a positive or negative online experience may help to make the point you are sharing more relatable rather than just another lecture.

  • repeat the process above constantly because it is not uncommon for children to forget,become carried away or just get curios.

Making password activity
Download PDF • 652KB

Many children have a device and while it may seem like there is no real threat to their devices right now, consider them getting older and not taking adequate measure to secure their devices because they have never been taught simple things like - how to create a safe password or how to create a safe password for different accounts.

Download the activity above to get started on teaching your child to create a password.

Tip for creating a password for different accounts:

  • try using a sentence like (My Dog Started Eating A Bone At 5 years-MDSEABA5Y)

  • replace letters with numbers example (MD23ABA5Y- I changed S to 2 and E TO 3

  • add symbols (MD23AB@5Y)

  • use this sentence for all accounts but change one letter or symbol for each account to make it easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

Rules for online privacy
Download PDF • 605KB

Download the activity above and check for understanding with your child for what they can do to stay safe online.

tag or not
Download PDF • 666KB

We can play tag on the field but tagging people without their consent online is another matter entirely. Download the activity to help your child understand.

Is code language safe
Download PDF • 385KB

Encryted message, online short codes etc is fast becoming a thing online but its not always safe.

Use the activity above to explain to your child the advantages and disadvantages of using such language.

Here are some more resources to try, click on the following links and share this information because we create better safety for our children when everyone knows what to do!

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