Styrofaom art

Gifts everywhere,

its a beautiful time of year!

but a trip to the trash site,

and eyes open wide in fright!

Receiving gifts is such a beautiful thing but the large empty gift boxes at the trash site leave a bad taste in my mouth.

It helps to know that there is recycling and while we are enjoying our gifts, the empty gift boxes can be put to good use somewhere else. Well, if you are like me then you will enjoy taking not just the gift from the gift box but using up some other content in the box to make a beautiful keepsake.

If you are a teacher reading this, I encourage you to get your children to bring something from a gift package that they got for christmas and start early to brainstorm about a valentines day gift,mothers day gift or fathers day gift. This will save you some stress and on top of that the added fun of listening to the imaginative ideas the children in your classroom come up with.

I hope this inspires you !

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