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Organisational speaking engagement

Staff training and development is something that should not be overlooked within the organisation.


Unfortunately, while many companies seek to educate their staff on company processes and things that directly relate to the organisation, they forget that this can only go a long way.

Issues bothering on family are important topics to discuss because everyone comes from a family or has a family; if your staff is saddled with even the tiniest family issue and does not have the right type of guidance it can adversely affect their productivity. 

Looking for ways to improve employee productivity?


Provide support that can address family concerns and see how that goes.

Here is a little list of what might be on the minds of your staff:

  • Children’s education

  • managing behaviour

  • lack of family connection

  • no work family connection

  • bullying and peer pressure,

  • cultural differences and lots more.

Wondering how this is affecting your staff, please get in touch to discuss how to address the needs of staff within your organisation.

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Parents support series


In her role as an educator, Onyinye always takes time to talk with parents recognising the important role they play in the lives of their children.

As much as she enjoys having conversations with parents, she realises that at her job it is impossible to attend to the questions and concerns that parents have and even when people contact her privately, after attending to their issues she believes  that such conversations  will benefit some other parents too (as the saying goes  ”it takes a village to raise a child”). 

The parent support series is created with this in mind -to address the concerns of a group of parents.

An opportunity for parents to ask questions and get answers and solutions that will benefit many other families.


Her goal is building stronger families that will impact the world positively (the more the merrier)! 

The first parent support series attended to the questions of many parents providing answers and solutions to real questions and numerous concerns and it was in partnership with young readers Library.

Kindly contact me if you have a group of parents/families or if you are an organisation that will benefit from this type of event.

Teenager speaking engagement


Onyinye can relate with how teenagers feel.

When  it seems like no one understands them, peer pressure, wanting to go left when everyone says right. 

Looking for someone to mentor a group of teenagers - she speaks their language.

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